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Jennifer took a video recording of Jack and Alice fighting in an alley. Jack and Alice disclose multiple private facts about each other through the course of the argument. Jennifer posts the fight on the internet. Which of the following is true?

1. Jack and Alice can take no action, because Jennifer is not a professional videographer.

2. Jack and Alice can make a tort claim against Jennifer for public revelation of private facts.

3. Jack and Alice can make a tort claim against Jennifer for false light.

4. Jack and Alice can take no action, since they were fighting in a public place.

Match each example with the crime that it represents. Crimes often overlap, so read all options before selecting the answer that best fits each prompt.

Dagan sneaks into an event center through an unlocked window to steal valuable items on display for an event the next day.

Jeff decides that it is time to clean up his act and stop manufacturing bong pipes in his basement. He uses $15,000 from bong pipe sales to open a children’s toy store. The next day, the police bust Jeff for his sale of drug paraphernalia.

Danielle seizes an important trade secret about the manufacturing process of a company’s computer chip.

Raquelle sells magazine subscriptions door-to-door for a magazine that does not exist.

Nayeli knocks out several security guards in a wild attempt to steal jewelry from a department store.

Luigi transfers some liquid funds from the business he manages to a personal account.

The Calzoni family gets together to plan a way to “take out” their main competitor’s business.

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Larceny

· Burglary

· Money Laundering

· Embezzlement

· Conspiracy

· Robbery

· Fraud

Which of the following situations would not substantiate a tort claim of infliction of emotional distress?

1. Behavior that a reasonable person would find distasteful

2. Offensive behavior when a duty of care is oweds

3. Offensive behavior when a person is feeling especially vulnerable

4. Repetitive offensive behavior

Penny is seen organizing racks at a local clothing store one day while she shops, and the manager offers her a job. The next day, Penny’s boss from the clothing store across the street comes in and accuses the manager of trying to interfere with Penny’s non-competition agreement. Which of the following is true?

1. The manager has committed legitimate interference with a contractual relationship

2. The manager has done nothing wrong because non-competition agreements are never used in clothing retail.

3. The manager has done nothing wrong.

4. The manager is interfering with Penny’s business relationship with her boss.

While on a hike with a tour group in the mountains, Derek gets mauled by a bear. No previous reports of bears in the area had been made. Derek wants to hold the tour company liable for his injury. Which of the following is most likely true?

1. Derek cannot hold the tour company liable because there is no way to prepare for or avoid a bear attack.

2. Because most people would not expect something as dangerous as a bear encounter while on a hike, an assumption of risk defense will probably not protect the tour company.

3. The company is not at fault because it does not owe Derek a duty of care.

4. Because hiking is known to have some elements of danger, Derek assumed the risk of a bear attack by joining the tour group.

Match each example with the type of crime it represents.

Double Parking

Money Laundering

Petty Theft

Federal Treason

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Infraction

· Misdemeanor

· Capital Crime

· Felony

Amanda is babysitting when her charge Tomas leaps off a couch onto a glass table and breaks it, leaving him with many cuts. To show that Amanda was negligent, Tomas’ parents must show that:

1. Amanda owed a duty of care to Tomas

2. Amanda breached her duty of watching over Tomas by her actions (e.g., talking on the phone or not staying in the same room as Tomas)

3. Tomas was harmed only because Amanda breached her duty to watch over him

4. All of the above

Marley goes outside the duties of her agency in negotiating a business contract between her principal and a customer. Which of the following is true?

1. If the principal ratifies the contract Marley made, it must pay her for the work.

2. Even if the principal ratifies the contract Marley made, it does not have to pay her for the work.

3. If the principal disavows the contract Marley made, it still must pay for the work.

4. The principal is required to ratify the contract Marley made, and also to pay her for her work.

Examine each scenario and match it to the statement that is correct for the specific situation.

Virgil and Suzanna both apply for the same job. Virgil is 55 and Suzanna is 60. They have the same qualifications and experience. Virgil is turned down and Suzanna is hired.

Sherie manages a department over the city’s bus system which has 25 drivers. She fires one of her drivers when he turns 90 because “he’s getting to old to see what he’s doing.”

No prompt matches this answer

Rowan owns a computer programming business with 15 employees. He is hiring a new employee, and he turns down a 45-year-old man because he is “too old to keep up with the rest of the group.”

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Employer may legally discriminate based on BFOQ

· Employer may legally discriminate because the law doesn’t apply to this situation

· Employer may not legally discriminate

· Employer may legally discriminate based on number of employees

Match each prompt with its result related to the status of the agency.

While working on a contract on behalf of a firearms retailer, Sylvester becomes aware of a recently-passed law that outlaws gun purchases for third parties in his state of operation.

No prompt matches this answer.

Mike is an agent making purchasing orders for Tami. Tami passes away before the agency contract is voluntarily ended. Mike has already done some of the work Tami assigned.

Kenzie is a broker agent hired to make a deal for the purchase of an office building. Kenzie sells the building.

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Agency is not terminated

· Agency is terminated by incapacity

· Agency is terminated by law

· Agency is terminated by fulfillment

Match each prompt with the title of who is responsible or liable.

Jane signs a contract in the interest of her undisclosed principal.

Penn commits a tort while acting in the interest of her undisclosed principal.

Chase crashes into another car on his way home from work.

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Principal and agent

· Agent only

· Principal only

Orlando’s business wants to enact an affirmative action plan. Which of the following would not be a part of the process?

1. Setting a timeframe for when the business plans to achieve a certain percentage of minority workers

2. Firing majority workers who perform the least well.

3. Reviewing the current workforce

4. Determining why using an AA plan might be necessary or wise

Examine each prompt and determine which response it aligns with best.

Lisle has the title for his sister’s boat and has been entrusted with the job of selling the boat for her.

Trevor thinks his brother Spencer needs a new motorcycle. He makes a deal with Gilbert for Spencer to buy a motorcycle from Gilbert.

Elaine is a secretary for a business. One day a customer comes in to file a new contract while Elaine is seated at her boss’s desk. The customer assumes Elaine is a person of authority, and Elaine is knowledgeable enough to help the customer file the contract.

Megan’s boss is out of town. While she is gone, the company receives a critical tax bill from the state that must be paid immediately. Megan does not have authority to pay bills, but arranges for the company to pay the bill anyway.

Drag and drop the choices from below.

Enforceable via factor agent Enforceable or unenforceable – no agency Enforceable via employee agent Enforceable or unenforceable w/ agency

Read each scenario and pick the statement that matches it.

Kim is interested in her coworker Ron. She spends her extra time staring at Ron at his desk. She often leaves gifts on his desk, and she hugs him whenever she sees him.

Joy is a supervisor over Elias. She repeatedly solicits sexual behavior from Elias and does other inappropriate actions that a reasonable person would find offensive. Elias has not solicited the behavior and finds it unwelcome. Joy never imposes a tangible job action against Elias.

No prompt matches this answer.

Layne is romantically interested in his employee, Brenda. He keeps asking her out, and she repeatedly has to turn him down.

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Not guilty of sexual harassment, dependent on harassee

· Guilty of quid pro quo sexual harassment

· Guilty of hostile work environment sexual harassment

· Not guilty of sexual harassment, no qualifier

Which of the following was an effect of Norris LaGuardia?

1. Enforcement of federal injunctions.

2. Prohibition against eliminating unions

3. Prohibition against concerted activity.

4. Prioritization of employment to a worker over a worker to his or her business

Cathy works in a welding shop. While working one day, a pipe falls from scaffolding above and lands on her head, injuring her. Cathy complains to OSHA, but the company argues that because it has a “watch out for falling pipe” sign in the workplace that it gave fair warning. It also says that if Cathy wasn’t wearing a hardhat that she is responsible for her own injury. Which of the following is true?

OSHA rules can hold Cathy’s employer responsible for not maintaining a hazard-free workplace.

More than one answer is correct.

Common law rules could hold Cathy responsible for her own injury.

Cathy’s employer may not be held liable for her injury if it fulfilled compliance and general duty requirements.

Cynthia is a union member at her company. She files a complaint against the union because of what she feels is an unfair rule. Which of the following is true?

1. Cynthia may sue the union if her complaint to the union doesn’t resolve her problem.

2. Cynthia can have her union membership stripped from her if she files a complaint.

3. Cynthia cannot complain to the union, but she may sue it instead.

4. Cynthia can file a complaint with the union only.

Ozzy recently started working at a new company. He has been solicited several times to join the union of the company, but he would prefer not to. The union officials tell Ozzy that he won’t be allowed to keep working unless he joins the union. Which of the following is true?

1. The union can’t make Ozzy join the union, but it can require him to pay union dues.

2. Ozzy’s requirement to join the union depends on his state of employment.

3. Ozzy must now join the union because union shops are always legal.

4. The union officials are pretending they have a closed shop and can’t influence Ozzy’s decision.

Buster has had a serious medical condition for many months. He has used up all of his sick leave and vacation days, as well as 10 weeks of intermittent FMLA leave. He asks for an additional two weeks off from work. Which of the following is true?

1. Buster cannot take any more leave if he has also used up his sick leave and vacation days.

2. Buster is entitled to the leave he is asking for.

3. Buster cannot be fired for reasons aside from his need to take leave.

4. Buster’s employer can fire him because he wants to take more leave.

Match each prompt with the phrase that correctly completes it.

Lenny’s Gun Manufacturing plant has had workers trying to unionize in order to gain better working conditions. The boss at Lenny’s argues that the workers are banding together to gain unlawful leverage or influence over their boss and the gun industry. Assuming a court would agree with the boss at Lenny’s, the workers could be shut down by __________.

Stu’s Fish Cannery has had workers attempting to unionize in order to increase wages. Stu’s sues the workers, arguing in court that if the cannery shuts down or stops operations because of a worker strike that it will be unable to provide canned food to soldiers in the war. In order to avoid this harm, a __________ could be issued.

Alonzo’s Crooked Cake Shop has had workers attempting to unionize in order to be able to work fewer hours per week. Alonzo’s argues in court that because there is only one other cake shop in the region, a strike and other union activities would disrupt competition in the cake business. Alonzo’s is using __________ to prevent union activities.

Al’s Fine Winery has had workers attempting to ban together to form a union. Al’s wants to avoid letting the workers gain too much power by eliminating new workers’ option to join a union at all. Al’s will likely utilize:

Drag and drop the choices from below.

· Antitrust law(s)

· Yellow dog contract(s)

· Criminal conspiracy law(s)

· Federal injunction(s)

20 Questions


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