3 IP B

3 IP B.


Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Imagine   that you have been invited to the White House to chair a committee of  senators who are charged with developing International Business Ethics  Guidelines (IBEG) for the next 10 years. Choose 1 of the following issues:      
    • Human  rights 
    • Political  involvements by business 
    • Labor and  production standards 
  • Briefly discuss the key ethical aspects of this issue, and develop an action plan that would lead people with different perspectives on these issues toward  acceptable compromise and consensus. 
  • Remember that resolving ethics issues seldom requires deciding who is right and who is wrong. Rather, it usually requires identifying a grey area of  commonality among a diverse set of perspectives and working to build      consensus around shared ideas. 
  • Your action plan should reflect more than simply gathering all stakeholders and finding common ground; rather, it should detail the methods and processes that you will use, and the issues and concerns that you will need to      consider as you strive to reach consensus on IBEG. For example, how will  you identify stakeholders? How will you assign different weights to  stakeholders? Are all stakeholders equal? What about stakeholders for whom  there is no representative (e.g., wildlife, future generations, etc.)? 

3 IP B


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