3 Page Case Study

3 Page Case Study.

What is Panera Bread’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive strategies

1. Low-cost provider strategy
2. A broad differentiation strategy
3. Focused low-cost strategy
4. focused differentiation strategy
5. best-cost provider strategy

most closely fit the competitive approach that Panera Bread is taking? What type of competitive advantage is Panera Bread trying to achieve?


  1. What does a SWOT analysis       of Panera Bread reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation? Does the company have any core competencies or distinctive  competencies?
  2. What are the primary components of Panera Bread’s value chain?
  3. What does the data in case Exhibit 1 reveal about Panera Bread’s financial performance?       How well is the company doing financially? Use the financial ratios in the Appendix as a guide in doing the calculations needed to arrive at an       analysis-based answer to your assessment of Panera’s recent financial performance.
  4. Describe one or two things you learned as a result of doing this case study that was new or interesting.

Use the attached text to complete the case study

  • attachment


3 Page Case Study


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