500 Words Due In 8 Hours.

500 Words Due In 8 Hours..


Human resources is charged with optimizing the human potential of an organization. Examine how human resources can add organizational value. Then, recommend two strategies that an HR department can take to become a more valuable resource/organizational department.

Answer the above using the question and answer (Q&A) format. The Q&A format should include the original question along with your response. Within your post, support your responses with information from at least 2-3 peer-reviewed/scholarly source (not older than 3-5 years) and provide the full citation at the end of your post. Use APA guidelines to format your references. 

NO Wiki, blogs, news article ONLY scholarly articles.

Naznin, H., & Hussain, M. A. (2016). Strategic value contribution role of HR. Vision, 20(2), 135-138.

Robinson, S., & Eilert, M. (2018). The role of message specificity in corporate social responsibility communication. Journal of Business Research, 90, 260-268.

Mayfield, M., Mayfield, J., & Wheeler, C. (2016). Talent development for top leaders: Three HR initiatives for competitive advantage. Human Resource Management International Digest, 24(6), 4-7.

Montealegre, R., & Cascio, W. F. (2017). Technology-driven changes in work and employment. Communications of the ACM, 60(12), 6067.

500 Words Due In 8 Hours.


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