Engaging students in listening and speaking activities can include debates, discussions, presentations, and persuasive writing. All of these components are crucial to expanding students growth in communication skills.

Part 1: Listening, Speaking and Writing Activities

Use the Listening, Speaking, and Writing Activities template and Class Profile to complete this assignment.
Using a 6th grade classroom from the previous previous lesson plans or from your field experiences, select a state standard that focuses on listening, writing, and speaking skills to develop three listening, speaking, and writing activities.

Below are examples of possible activities:

Persuasive writing, speech writing, debates, class discussions, presentations on topics of student interest, persuasive advertisement, or advertisement campaign
Your learning activities should be appropriate for students detailed within the
Class Profile and include the following:

Strategies that encourage students to apply personal opinions toward the interpretation of texts
Various forms of communication (verbal, nonverbal, media, etc.) techniques to foster elementary students active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction
Accommodations related to assessment and testing conditions to meet diverse needs of students

Part 2: Rationale
In 250-500 words, rationalize your instructional choices explaining why the activities chosen are appropriate for all Class Profile students and clearly focuses on creativity and student engagement. In addition, explain the elements of effective speaking. Additionally, discuss how verbal and nonverbal communication affects the persuasive aspect of having students advertise and/or present an idea.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Please use the following Arizona state standards, and state them in the appropriate box on the template for this assignment.

For Listening: 6.SL.2 Students will be able to interpret information presented in diverse media formats and explain how it contributes to a topic, text, or issue under study.

For Speaking: 6.SL.5 Include multimedia components (graphics, images, music, sound) and visual displays in presentations to clarify information.

For Writing:  6.W.1 Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.  Support claim with clear reasons and relevant evidence, using credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.



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