600-750 Word Essay–Follow The Directions!!!!

600-750 Word Essay–Follow The Directions!!!!.

 Please type each question and answer.  Be thorough and detailed in your responses.  Use facts to support your answer.  This essay should be 600 – 750 words.  There is a specific format for this assignment.  Please place the following in the upper left corner of your document:

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History 1301

Spring 2014


Was the American Civil War an “irrepressible conflict?”

Was a peaceful separation of North and South possible? What political, economic and/or social differences between the North and south had to be reconciled for a “perpetual union?”  What problems might still have arisen between the US and an independent Confederate States?


To answer the above question:

1 – Read Chapter 15 “The Gathering Storm”

2 – Read the Varying Viewpoints document

3 – Read the chapter overview for The Gathering Storm

4 – Read Lincoln’s “House Divided” Speech

Use only these four sources.  Paraphrase into your own words.  Do not use any outside resources.ONLY USE THE ATTACHED SOURCES!! DO NOT REFERENCE FROM THEM DIRECTLY—-NO REFERENCE PAGE NEEDED—-PARAPHRASE WHAT YOU USE!!!

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600-750 Word Essay–Follow The Directions!!!!


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