This is an audit case It would need to be in APA format with in text cites and references listed.  The audit case is attached in a PDF this is the only information given.


Click here to read the case study for Keystone Computers and Network. A partially completed analytical ratios working paper for Keystone Computers & Networks, Inc., is presented on page 239 of that case study. Please address the following in a 3- to 5-page paper.

  1. Complete the working paper by computing the financial ratios for 20X5 and provide these in your paper.
  2. After completing part (A), above, review the ratios and identify financial statement accounts that should be investigated because the related ratios are not comparable to prior-year ratios, industry averages, or your knowledge of the company. Provide these in your paper.
  3. For each account identified in part (B), above, identify and discuss potential reasons for the unexpected account balances and related ratios.
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