All Weather Week 2

All Weather Week 2.

All-Weather Case Paper

Students are required to write a paper on the reading of the All Weather Case (see attachments).  Students are required to answer a minimum of five questions from chapters 4 and 5.  If the chapter has less than five questions, students are required to answer all the questions listed.  It is estimated that your total page count will be between 4 – 7 pages.  As with most of your writing assignments, your title page and reference page do not count towards the page total.  Please note, the page requirements are estimates only and should not be considered as a minimum or maximum requirement.

APA standards must be followed including proper title page, page setup, headings, in-text citation, and reference page.  This assignment is due Week 2, Day 7 and must be submitted as an attached Word document.  Students are to submit their work under the SafeAssign tab, located beneath this section. 

Ch 4_All Weather Case.docx
Ch 5_All Weather Case.docx

Below is a template showing the proper page format for this assignment:
Each chapter should be labeled using the approved APA Header 1.  Next, students should write out each of their selected question with an APA approved Header 2.  For example:

Chapter one: Succeeding in Business Communications (Header one)

Question 1: What are some specifics stories Doug could use to make his presentation more interesting? Create some likely possibilities. (Header two) – The paraphrased question should be single spaced.

Your answer should be in either paragraph or bullet point form.

All Weather Week 2


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