Analyzing components of effective lesson plainning research using AMSTAR

Analyzing components of effective lesson plainning research using AMSTAR.

Effective lesson plans help teachers meet the needs of students by creating a framework. However, once the plan is developed, a teachers personality, training, and expertise produce a unique educational experience to enhance student learning.

In this modules analysis, you will design critical aspects of a rigorous and appropriate curriculum unit and lesson plan, with research-based instructional strategies to improve student performance. You will apply your research skills to locate and incorporate information from scholarly sources outside the course.

Step 1. Research
Research best-practice methods in the design of a rigorous and appropriate curriculum to improve culturally diverse student performance. Target at least five systematic reviews or meta-analyses.

Step 2. Rank
In a table, rank the systematic review research articles selected using the AMSTAR (Assessing the Methodological Quality of Systematic Reviews) or a similar instrument. A resource is provided on the Learning Objects page.

Step 3. Evaluate
Evaluate learning outcomes of culturally relevant curricular design by:

Overarching course and program structure,
Instructional design features, and
Specific tools and strategies employed.
Step 4. Conclude
Based on your research, what factor(s) appears to have the most significant impact on diverse student learning and is a greater predictor of academic success? Write a paragraph stating your conclusion.

Step 5. Apply
Apply your research to develop a research-based lesson plan. In your lesson plan, include information on:

Subject area, grade level, objectives/goals, class size, and lesson length;
Common Core State Standards or other state standards the lesson addresses;
Higher-order thinking questions (HOT) and the associated activity or lesson and time slot, and
Assessments pertaining to content and student engagement.

Step 6. Submit
Submit an introduction to your table, your table ranking the quality of the research articles, your conclusion paragraph, and the lesson plan. Include a title page and APA-formatted references page.

Analyzing components of effective lesson plainning research using AMSTAR


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