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1. Case analysis assignment (15 points) 
The written case analysis is due on November 8, 2020 (Sunday), end of the day (11:59pm  
EST). Please submit your assignment (in a word or PDF document) through Canvas. 
Please write a no less than 600-word case analysis, evaluating Art Peck’s big data strategy at Gap
Inc. The case analysis shall follow the structure below and include the section title. Please provide  
sufficient evidence, including statistics from the Exhibits when necessary, to justify your  
There is NO need to find any additional reference material beyond the case readings  
Section I: Business performance of GAP 
• Why was Gap Inc. doing poorly since 2012? Please list two internal factors (i.e., what Gap Inc.
needs to be responsible for) and two external factors (i.e., factors that are beyond Gap Inc.’s
control) and explain your reasons. You MUST use the figures and information in Exhibits 1-9 to
justify your viewpoints.
Section II: Move from creative director to big data 
• Given Gap Inc.’s business model and the situation it was facing as described in the case (such as
its target market, market competitiveness, and unique resources), why or why not do you think
it should replace creative directors with a big data-driven creative process? Please state your
Section III: Distribution Channel  
• Should Peck allow Gap Inc ’s brands to be sold on Amazon? Why or why not? What
opportunities and challenges will this plan present?
• If Gap Inc. sells through Amazon, should the company be a wholesaler or a third-party seller?
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