articles of confederation

articles of confederation.

Chapter 7 page 253-287 in textbook
There were many problems with the Articles of Confederation that troubled the new republic and, ultimately, led to a completely new government outlined in the Constitution in 1787. After reading the chapter, choose two (2) of those problems that YOU think would have been most difficult for a new nation and explain why. Your post should be 2-3 full paragraphs.  Please include page numbers from the textbook of the information you use.

Chapter 8 page 288-324
The War of 1812 is a very interesting war to study because it is often referred to as the Second Revolutionary War. After reading about the war in your textbook, give your opinion as to WHY President Madison chose to war with Great Britain considering how young the United States was compared to the great British Empire at that time.  Discuss at least 2-3 reasons for the War of 1812 and whether or not you think the U.S. won the war?  Why or why not? Your post should be at least 2-3 full paragraphs and include page numbers from the textbook for the information you cite.

articles of confederation


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