Assignment 5

Assignment 5. Please answer these questions to the best of your ability using the information that you gathered from reading the chapter, along with information from your own work experience. Please do not copy and paste.

1. Please watch the video entitled “Jack Welch’s 3 Great Advice.” Jack Welch is considered to be one of the greatest strategists of the twentieth century. He once said, “Strategy follows people; the right person leads to the right strategy.” How do you believe that his advice of over-delivering, having a positive attitude, and being privately ambitious led to his success as a strategist? For each of these 3 pieces of advice, give an example where that particular attitude or behavior might lead to success in strategic planning

2. Please use your StrengthsFinder results to answer the following:

a. Watch the video entitled “Setting SMART Goals” by Ed Muzio

b. Write three SMART goals for yourself applying your StrengthsFinder results to career preparation issues. In other words, what goals can you set for yourself (following the SMART goals guidelines) that will capitalize on your Strengths to prepare you for a career after graduation?

c. How might your particular strengths help you to achieve these goals? Please be specific.

Assignment 5


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