Biology homework help

Biology homework help.

Report and Presentation Guidelines
CEE 352
Guidelines: 1. 10-15 pages (please submit high quality not quantity-driven reports) 1.5-line spacing (does
not include cover page)
2. Page numbers at bottom footer – middle or right (don’t forget page numbering)
3. 1 inch margins
4. 12pt font (times new roman, arial, or calibri acceptable)
5. One line space between paragraphs. Justify left – no indentation
6. Cover page includes title, names of authors, and/or picture/diagram (optional)
7. References – follow Guidebook. Use in-text citation – use the author and date. Do not use the footnote citation method.
8. Tables – follow the table heading format per Guidebook. Provide proper references and do not insert a pdf copy of the table from a source in the text.
9. Figures – follow figure heading format per Guidebook. Properly reference. I know that you may not be able to redraw reference figures but ensure that they are clear in the text and in
acceptable quality.
10. Use reference cited formatting for journal articles, books, websites, and reports per the
Guidebook. Follow examples provided on pages 7-5 to 7-9 of the Guidebook. Read over the Guidebook to get some other good advice on writing style, grammar and organization.
My advice on your preparation: 1. When you gather information think of the items you need to address in the report as given
2. Make a good outline so you have a well-organized paper and knowledge of what type of
information goes where before you start writing. It will make writing the document less
stressful and more efficient.
3. Make sure that each of your paragraphs has a common theme and a proper introductory
sentence that sets the idea and focus of that paragraph. This is very important in producing a
readable and clear document.
5. Figures and tables should provide a self-explanatory overview of your data. Decide what the
data show, then create figures to highlight the most important points of your report. [ref]
6. Produce a rough draft copy first and then start reading it over or editing. I should not be
getting your first or second drafts.
7. When you write, think of your reader as someone who does not know your subject as well as
you do and should be able to easily understand what you are saying. The easier something is to
read and understand – the better the writer is.
Note: The intent of these reports is not a test of your writing skills but it is good experience for
you to think of these things and to do the best you can. Getting more proficient in writing takes
time and experience. For those of you whose English is not your first language, do the best that
you can.
Lab report preparation: The written report will include the following components:
Introduction – Introduce the purpose of the experiment and your results/methods. Explain any ideas or techniques that are necessary for someone to understand the
results section. (1-3 page) 20 points Results – Include ONLY relevant figures and tables. 35 points Discussion – Summarize what you have found and explain the importance or
implication. (1 page) 35 points References – Follow reference formatting given in the Guidebook. (no page limit). Use
as least 2 alternative sources as a reference. 10 points Other relevant information (optional)
Presentation guidelines: Time limit: 10-15 minutes
The purpose is to share the results of your experiment in class.
Due to time constraints, limit your presentation to 5-7 slides (some pictures can go fast)
Include the following components at the minimum:
Introduction Results Discussion of findings References
Relevant background information is
presented in balanced, engaging way
Your experimental goals and
predictions are clear and seem a logical
extension of existing knowledge
Writing is easy to read
All background information is correctly
Relevant background information is presented
but could benefit from reorganization
Your experiment is well described and a plausible
hypothesis is given
With some effort, reader can connect your
experiments to background information
Writing is understandable
Background information is correctly referenced
Background information is too general,
too specific, missing and/or
Experimental question is incorrectly or not
No plausible hypothesis is given
Writing style is not clear, correct or
References are not given or properly
Text tells story of your major findings
in logical and engaging way
Figures and tables are formatted for
maximum clarity and ease of
All figures and tables have numbers,
titles and legends that are easy for the
reader to follow
Text presents data but could benefit from
reorganization or editing to make story easier for
Text includes interpretation of results that is
better suited for discussion section
Figures and tables are formatted to be clear and
All figures and tables have numbers, titles and
Text omits key findings, inaccurately
describes data, or includes irrelevant
Text difficult to read due to style or
mechanics of writing
Text difficult to read due to logic or
Figures and tables missing information,
improperly formatted or poorly designed
Figures and tables have inadequate or
missing titles or legends
Appropriate conclusions drawn from
Connections made between
experimental findings
Connections made between findings
and background information
Future directions considered
Writing is compelling
Appropriate conclusions drawn from findings
Experimental limitations considered
Writing is clear
Connections made between experimental
Connections made between findings and
background information
Future directions considered
Writing is compelling
Conclusions omitted, incorrectly drawn or
not related to hypothesis
Relationship between experimental
findings and background information is
missing or incorrectly drawn
Writing style and mechanics make
argument difficult to follow
Complete list of reliable sources,
including peer-reviewed journal
Properly formatted in body of report
and in reference section
Adequate list or reliable sources
With minor exceptions, properly formatted in
body of report and in reference section
Properly formatted in body of report and in
reference section
List is incomplete or includes sources not
cited in body of report
List includes inappropriate sources
List not properly formatted
References not properly cited in body of
Total score 100

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