Blurred Boundaries

Blurred Boundaries.

Review the Summers text, pp. 136–138. (Use in-text citations and references)

Choose two hypothetical practice situations under “Blurred Boundaries?” You will respond with your two chosen situations and identify what went wrong with the worker-client boundaries AND what needs to happen to correct the situation. Now, imagine that the client was from a culture, background, ethnicity or country very different from your own. Think about how you might respond differently.

Post the number associated with your chosen situation and a brief description. Then answer the following questions: What went wrong with the worker-client boundaries? How might you respond differently (if at all) if the client was from a culture, background, ethnicity or country very different from your own?Please be specific and support your conclusions by citing the course resources AND at least ONE peer-reviewed resource (i.e., journal article, professional organization website, etc.).


Summers, N. (2016). Fundamentals of case management practice: Skills for the human services (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.Chapter 2, “Ethics and Other Professional Responsibilities for Human Services Workers” (pp. 33–76)Chapter 4, “Cultural Competence” (pp. 95–115)Chapter 5, “Attitudes and Boundaries” (pp. 117–138)

Blurred Boundaries


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