BUS402 Discussion Forum

BUS402 Discussion Forum.

Discuss the elements of strategic management and explain why it is crucial to an organizations survival. Excluding the examples from the textbook, give an example of a company that failed as a result of poor strategic management. Explain the difference between a strategy and a business model. Please discuss in 200-250 words.

Required Resources


Abraham, S. (2012). Strategic management for organizations. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/

  • Chapter 4: External Environmental Analysis
  • Chapter 5: Assessing the Company Itself


virtualstrategist. (2016, October 19). How to perfom a SWOT analysis (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_161788243&feature=iv&src_vid=GNXYI10Po6A&v=I_6AVRGLXGA

  • In this video, the presenter examines how to analyze the information obtained from a SWOT analysis and will assist you in your SWOT Analysis assignment this week.
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BUS402 Discussion Forum


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