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  • Chapter 4, Ecommerce,
  • Chapter 7, EIS, ERP,
  • IOT, Chapter 9,


For this assignment, you will study southern california, and its unique distribution industry. In a three page paper you will address these issues:

  1. How big a role does the distribution industry (warehousing, shipping import, trucking and order management) play in the total microeconomy of southern california?
  2. What major components comprise the distribution industry?
  3. How big a role does the distribution sector play in communities such as Moreno Valley and/or San Bernardino?
  4. How large is the GDP of Riverside County versus those of LA, San Diego, and San Francisco? What role does distribution play in those numbers? What growth has taken place in Riverside County, due to the industry?
  5. What kinds of information systems are required in order to operate a distribution facility?
  6. What kinds of information systems are needed in order to manage a corporation, dedicated to the distribution sector

Full APA format and bibliography required.
(3 page)

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