Capital Budgeting Case

Capital Budgeting Case.

From the given case information attached

  1. calculate the firm’s WACC
  2. then use the WACC to calculate NPV and Payback
  3. and evaluate IRR for proposed capital budgeting projects with a capital rationing constraint.
  4. Construct and recommend three metrics to measure the performance of each Project (2 potential projects listed – Project A and Project B)
  5. Your complete report should include all of your calculations as appendices (2 pages, or 1 page for each project listed in attached file; there are two projects, spread across 5 years)
  6. Include an executive summary and appendices.

After you choose the project(s), recalculate the capital structure based on the assumption that the project(s) are implemented and determine if the new capital structure will signal the investors either positively, negatively, or not at all. Write a business report on your findings.


Times New Roman 12 Point Font, all new work do not repost old answers, 4 APA format references, Should be 4-5 pages long with custom charts and tables. Actual WACC and NPV calculations per project should be added as appendices and not included in the page count. Title and Reference pages also not included in page count.

  • attachment


Capital Budgeting Case


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