Chronic Disease In Children

Chronic Disease In Children.

Discussion Post Guidance: Answer each of the five prompts below.

1.) Collect statistical data from three different scholarly sources (published within the past five years) pertaining to at least two chronic diseases directly impacted by poor diet and physical activity in children and adolescents.

2.) Assess how these chronic diseases impact the health and wellness of this group.

3.) Explain the lifestyle factors that contribute to the chronic diseases you researched.

4.) Based on your findings and the chronic diseases you researched, which two areas (i.e. physical activity, exercise, nutrition, playtime/social engagement, sleep, stress management), should be focused on primarily when designing a wellness program for this group? Please create three specific recommendations.

5.) Assess the importance of role modeling and issues you may want to discuss with the parents or caregivers. Support your response to this bullet with one scholarly source.

Use at least three scholarly sources to support your research and findings.

All sources must be referenced according to APA guidelines.

I’ve attached 1 of the 3 sources to be used, titles PA for Children with Chronic Disease. You’ll have to find the remaining two.

I’ve also attached a word document. Please use it to complete this discussion post. Answer each prompt under its given bold heading.

Chronic Disease In Children


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