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Using the Supermarket data set, create crosstabs for Marital Status and Annual Income expressing the counts as percentages. Then, create a stacked 2D column chart. (Select the crosstab table and insert stacked 2D column chart). If you need to swap the x and y values, then right click on the chart, click select data, and switch row/column).
Box Plots
Using the Supermarket data set, create a box plots of Annual Income and Revenue. Which of the following income brackets appears to have the least variation in revenue (purchase amounts)?
Using the Beta Employees data set, create a table of correlations between the variables Age, Prior Experience, Beta Experience, Education, and Annual Salary. (Look at Figure 3.18 in the example 3-3 document in Module 5 (Attached Image file for illustration purposes only). It shows a table of correlations like what you would need to produce. The bottom of the table shows the formula you would use to calculate the correlations for each cell.)
Using the Supermarket data set, create a pivot table to find how many units were sold in total in the non-consumable category.
Complete explanation via a word document and completed Excel files using the given datasets and worked solutions in separate tabs on each applicable dataset file. Visual image instruction preferred
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