Computer Science Programming C++

Computer Science Programming C++.

CS 144 Programming Problem 4

Amazon Books

Design and implement a C++ program to buy books on Amazon. The program should be menu based with the following options:

1. Enter Customer name

2. Add a book to a customer’s shopping cart

3. Display the Customer’s shopping cart

4. Search

5. List all books

6. Checkout


This problem is an extension of the Programming Project 3. You are to reuse the Book class you developed for that assignment. You will create a new Shopping program that contains the main, or modify your main program from Programming Project 3. You should read all the Books into an array which will serve as our “inventory” list when the program starts. You can then manipulate the books that are stored in the list.

Search should allow the user it input a keyword such as a name, title, or format. The program should display all books from the list that contain that keyword.

List all books should print the entire list, in a manner similar to what you did in Programming Project 3.

You are to develop a new Customer class following the UML below. That class should contain the customer’s name (and mailing address if you so desire), an array to hold the list of books in the shopping cart, and a count of the number of books items in the shopping cart. This Customer class should have functions to:

· enter the customer’s name from the keyboard

· add a book to the shopping cart list of books, and

· display the list of books in the shopping cart with a total price.

Each of these is discussed further below. You’ll use a Customer class object in your main program in support of the first three menu items.

Entering a Customer’s name is fairly trivial. Your Customer class function should just display a prompt and read a string value from the user.

Adding a book to the student’s list requires two functions, one top-level function and one Customer class member function. The member function should simply copy its book argument into the next available spot in the shopping cart and update the count. The top-level function should ask the user to enter the title, find the book in “inventory” list and call the Customer member function to add this book to her/his shopping cart.

Displaying the shopping cart should print the customer’s name, all their books and the total price in a neatly written report.

Step 1—Setting up your Main program

Create a main Shopping program that will allow the customer to buy books on Amazon. The program should allow the user to select from the menu listed above. We will use a list of books as our “inventory”. The program should read the information from data file (Books.txt) for each book and place it into the list of books in the main before displaying the menu. After each user selection, the program should complete the task, then display the menu again.

Step 2—Working with the book list

Menu items 4 and 5 should be able to be completed at this point since they simply display the entire list of books or search the list for what the user enters. Make sure you use functions to complete each task separately and call the functions in the logic for the menu selection. Menu item 6 can be started by exiting the program for now.

Step 3—Getting the customer able to create an account


-shoppingCart:Book [ ]


-total( ):double

+Customer( )

+~Customer( )

+enterName( ):void

+display( ):void


Write the Customer class from the UML as shown. You may add additional shipping information if you so desire. You may add get and set functions as needed. Modify the Shopping program so that the user can create a customer account. Modify menu item 6 so that checkout can now display a receipt with just the customer’s name (since the cart is empty) to test out the Customer class. You should pause the program after you display the receipt before you exit the program.

Step 4—Filling up your shopping Cart

Write the functions to add to the cart in both the Customer class and the Shopping program (see above descriptions). A user will enter the title of the book exactly as it is displayed to select the correct item to add to the cart. Edit the Customer class display method so that it displays the contents of the shopping cart after the customer’s name. The total member function is a private function, called by the display function, which returns the total price of the books in the shopping cart. Thoroughly test your program by searching for and adding multiple books to your cart and checking out. The final displayed receipt should list the customer’s name, the list of items purchased, and the total.

Extras for Experts:

Add a menu item to remove a book from a shopping cart.

Submission Guidelines:

All source code must include comments, be properly indented and use descriptive variable names where appropriate. Submit a zipped file of the project folder to the Programming Project 4 drop box in D2L. It should include Book.h, Book.cpp, Customer.h, Customer.cpp, and Shopping.cpp files. I will be looking at the code and running the program. Your grade will depend on how it compiles and runs, if the desired output is produced, comments, and programming style.

Ethical Programming Guidelines

· This is an individual assignment; the work you turn in must be yours and yours alone.

· You are free to share conceptual ideas (BUT NOT CODE) with fellow students without any computing device present.

· You are free to use any example code provided by the instructor.

· You can consult SIs and the instructor for assistance with your code, but you must have your algorithm written before you will get help.

· You may NOT share code with another student.

· You may NOT “team” code.

· You may NOT coach code another student.

· You may NOT solicit help from the Internet (forums, crowd-source your project).

Computer Science Programming C++


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