Country Manager Marketing Plan

Country Manager Marketing Plan. CountryManager

Marketing Plan

Your team needs to develop a Marketing Plan – the roadmap for managing your entry, growth, and expansion into Latin America. Before working on your Marketing Plan, read the entire CountryManager manual. Then focus on Section 4 of the manual – Issues in International Marketing. Your plan will cover most of these topics. In order to do so, you will need to use the various reports (environment, competition, internal) to analyze the current situation and forecast how it will (or how you want it to) change. Your team’s primary goal is maximizing your overall cumulative contribution for the region. Your secondary goals are maximizing your market share and brand equity in each country that you enter.

Your instructions are to do a sequential entry (waterfall) strategy into Latin America – that is, you are not to enter more than one country at a time. For example, you will enter Mexico in period 2, a second country in period 3 or 4, a third country in period 5 or 6, etc. You should enter at least three countries (including Mexico).

Your performance/results will be evaluated as follows:

Country and regional performance relative to other teams on the following measures:

• Cumulative net contribution

• Final period net contribution

• Final period market share

• Final period brand equity

Your Marketing Plan should not exceed 7 pages of text (double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman font). You may add as many exhibits as you like. All exhibits must be referred to in your text. Your plan may be entirely or partially in outline form.

Organize your Marketing Plan as follows.

1. Cover sheet with group members’ names, countries you plan to enter and date

2. Executive Summary – one page description of your overall strategy (see #3, #4, #5, #6, and

# 7 below).

3. Situation analysis (opportunities and threats).

4. Market entry (the sequence and timing of countries you will enter). Use the Country Attractiveness Analysis spreadsheet and include in your Appendix (refer to Appendix 2 of your CM manual).

5. Manufacturing location and sourcing (including any changes you plan to make and when).

6. Target marketing strategy (for each country you plan to enter). Each target market should represent a combination of demographics and benefit (e.g., older & healthy; see

cross-section under “Brands Purchased” reports).

7. Positioning and marketing mix strategies for each country (target specific 4P strategies for each country you plan to enter).

Page 2 Approach 1

Page 1 Approach 1

8. Regional standardization (any manufacturing and marketing resources you plan to share across markets).

9. Appendix containing all referenced Exhibits.


Country Manager Marketing Plan


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