Course Evaluation Template

Course Evaluation Template.

Develop a standardized template for evaluating courses in a selected program. Include a 2 page executive summary containing the rationale and justification for the methods selected.

Note: The assessments in this course build upon one another and you are required to complete them in the order in which they are presented.

The purpose of a course evaluation is to ensure that your course is, in fact, serving the intended purpose and assessing the learning outcomes and instructional content. Standardized templates are useful for learners, faculty, and the organization because they allow you to establish expectations and ensure data collected give you the right kind of information upon which to make evidence-based decisions related to meeting learners’ and the organization’s needs and goals.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Competency 2: Apply a variety of strategies to assess learning in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains.
Ensure that the appropriate cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains have been addressed in a course evaluation.
Competency 3: Engage in the development of a classroom examination.
Select an evaluation format that adequately assesses learning and program outcomes.
Competency 4: Evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes.
Create a standardized course evaluation template that can be used to evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes in a program offering.
Support the validity and reliability of evaluation methods used in a course evaluation form.
Competency 6: Communicate as a practitioner-scholar, consistent with the expectations for a health care professional.
Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
Correctly format the assessment, citations, and references using APA style.

Note: Assessments in this course must be completed in the order in which they are presented. You must complete Assessment 2 before beginning this assessment.

This is a two-part assessment. The first part is the development of a standardized course evaluation template. The second part is an executive summary addressed to a workplace supervisor.

Use the Capella University Library and the Internet to ensure you are familiar with the following:

Explore a variety of methods that can be used to evaluate the achievement of the learning objectives as well as program outcomes.
Understand the steps in assembling and administering the tests for learning outcomes.
Examine how validity and reliability of evaluation methods for courses and program outcomes are measured and established.
Find examples of course evaluations. If you choose to incorporate ideas from other examples, you must provide proper APA citations and format.
Part One Standardized Course Evaluation Template
Determine the best approach for evaluating whether the learning objectives and program outcomes are being assessed adequately in your course. Make use of your work from the previous assessments in the creation of your standardized course assessment template.

Create a standardized template that clearly measures the course’s ability to achieve the learning objectives and outcomes stated in your earlier assessments in this course.
There is no page limit for this template. Page length should be appropriate to the context.
Note: You are encouraged to integrate feedback received for your earlier assessments to continue tweaking your application of the concepts in this course.

Part Two Executive Summary
Once you have completed your standardized template, construct an executive summary to discuss the rationale for it.

In the executive summary, include the following critical elements that align with the grading criteria:

A summary of how the course evaluation aligns with the stated learning objectives and program outcomes.
A justification for the methods chosen to evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes.
A description of how validity and reliability of evaluation methods will be established.

Course Evaluation Template


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