Crisis Management Assessment1

Crisis Management Assessment1. Review both the scenarios below and develop a crisis management plan for each scenario that complies with organisational, ethical and legal requirements

  1. In 2009/2010, due to faulty accelerators of their brand of vehicle, Toyota had to recall nine million vehicles.
  2. In 2015, a sandwich shop owner In Marrickville, offered free sandwiches via a Facebook page for members of a closed group only. The deal was reported by a widely read food blog as one open to all Sydneysiders.


Your plan should include:
a. Activation guidelines(2 marks)
b. Action plans (actions, time frames, responsible people)(2 marks)

c. Pre-approved communications strategy and messages (2 marks)

d. Contact information of all relevant personal both internal (2 marks)

and external
e. Resources required (2 marks)


2. In addition to developing the plan in the question above, describe how you might distribute and also implement the plan

(5 marks for distribute and 5 marks for implementation) max 10 marks 


3. Create the following tools to evaluate your crisis management plan:

a. define evaluative questions (5 marks)
b. use a scale rating to rate evaluative statements.  (5 marks) 

4.Define what would you change for next time?  (10 marks) 

Crisis Management Assessment1


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