Discuss the importance of quality assurance and quality improvement in a range of health and social care contexts

Review the literature in relation to inequalities in access to healthcare and write a brief report of your findings.
Assessment Criteria:
To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:
Discuss the structure of health and social care in the United Kingdom
Give an overview of the organisation and delivery of the major elements of health and social care provision in the United Kingdom
Discuss the roles, functions and perceived values of informal and formal care providers and systems
Assess the impact of global health issues and epidemiological evidence on the development of UK health and social care policies and provision
Demonstrate an awareness of how health and social care policies/legislation affect the provision of care and equity of access
Explain the need for equity of access to health and social care
Explore learning disability showing understanding of key concepts, range of care provision, care philosophies and equity of access
Discuss how health and social care policy/legislation is formulated, implemented and actioned
Discuss the importance of quality assurance and quality improvement in a range of health and social care contexts
Define the concepts of quality, organisational governance, quality assurance and improvement
Relate national policies on governance to quality assurance processes used in local health and social care contexts
Provide an overview of the role of clinical governance within the health service
Recognise the need to work collaboratively with other professional groups to ensure standards of care for all service users are maintained at a high level
Explore the roles and responsibilities of a range of health and social care professions within the multi-disciplinary team
Explore the values needed for effective inter-professional working
Draw conclusions about the contribution of inter-professional collaboration to the safe and effective care for service users in a range of care contexts


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