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The activity provides opportunity for student to develop a description of a child with a communicative disorder and to explain how would you meet the needs of that child in their classroom . Students chose one communicative disorders from below.   Please read Chapter  13. Use the Internet to search for  your chose of disorder or textbook  or journal article.
1.    Language Disorder                         2.   Articulation Disorder   3.   Fluency Disorder                         4.     Cognitive  Impairment
Write a general description of the child do not use the child real name or parents.
Include the following information:                         1.   Age and Gender of the Child          2.   Reason for Referral
3.   Background (city/town/mother/grandmother,etc…)
4.   Family (culture/home language of child/work)           5.  health and Development
6.    School        7.   Standardize Assessment ( hypothetical if you do not have test results)
8.   Intervention Planning
Student take a look at the searches below they are related to language case study examples  :   speech pathology case study example, language development case study  example, case study of a child with communication disorder and case study- speech and language delay.


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