Educational and Employment History.

Project Assignment Layout: 

This project will test your ability to apply what you have learned in this course, in a practical way, by describing components of your company’s Telecommunications and Network Security protocols and how they might be improved. The Project will be completed in 3 phases with 3 Deliverables that build upon each other. Each Deliverable will consist of a properly constructed (spelling and grammar count) and referenced paper. In-text citations and the Bibliography must use APA formatting. I highly recommend that you use the Built-in features of Microsoft Word (Headings, Styles, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Headers, Footers, References) to construct your paper. To make it easier I have included a MS Word Template that you can download and add to. I also included a video on how to use these built-in features.


Phase 1 Document Name: YourName_ISOL532_Practical_Connection_Phase_1.docx


· Heading 1 Topic: Educational and Employment History.

· 1 to 3 single spaced pages not counting the Cover page, Table of Contents or Bibliography

· The Word Generated Cover page (or equivalent) has the following information:

o Your Name

o Phase #

o Your Industry

· Font size of Body: 12 point

· Font type: Times New Roman or equivalent

· 1 inch margins: Top/Bottom/Left/Right

· Header: Your Name

· Footer: Page numbers 

· At least 2 referenced sources following APA rules

· Upload the Deliverable to the Final Project dropbox.

Content: Each topic below should be a Heading 2 paragraph 

· Educational History and Goals, include Certificates

· Employment History and Goals (Do Not Name Your Company you are writing about) 


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