EGN3365 Materials EngineeringFall 2018Term Report


Please  select  one  of  the  topics  below  and  write  a  final  report  addressing  materials  choice  (some 

products  can  select  more  than  one  material),  critical  material  properties,  manufacturing  process 

and other potential applications of the materials. 


Please include a cover page as first page of your report with the title, your name and PID.


6  pages  (include  cover  page)  limit  including  reference  list  (Font  Times  New  Roman  12,  1.5 



Originality check will be applied by Turnitin. 20% or more similarity to open access resource or 

other people’s reports will be considered plagiarism. 


Please submit your report as


through Canvas and use Turnitin to generate a check report. If 

there   is   any   problem   to   submit   through   Canvas,   you   can   also   send   the   report   to

 with  a  file  title: 

EGN3365_your  name_panther  ID

.  Iman  will  send  you  a 

confirmation indicating the receipt of the report. 


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