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Please follow the instructor carefully. There are draft and outline files attached below.
You are expected to answer all the questions base on the topic, outline and draft.
Short answer to questions 1-7 and write about 4 to 5 sentences to each question. whole paragraph for each 8 and 9 question.   
Topic: Will Robots reduce or Increase Human Employment Opportunities?
Now you have a topic in mind,
1.what kind of public conversation is/has been occurring related to this topic–what is being said AND in what spaces/locations (news, social media, academic research, etc.)?
2.What do you think most of your audience already knows about your topic?
3.How will you make the speeches relevant and interesting to the class?
4.What are terms or concepts do the audience need to understand about your topic?
5.Who do you think is impacted by this topic/issue/controversy?
6.What are the different opinions, positions or perspectives people have on this topic (objectively, what is an opposing viewpoint from your own?)
7. What do you want the audience to do after watching your speech?
8. What is your FINAL proposed topic choice?
9.What is your backup FINAL proposed topic choice?
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