Essay on Successful Comedy Film (of your choice)

Essay on Successful Comedy Film (of your choice).

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Write an Essay (1000-1500 words): choose a successful comedy film (successful meaning critically and/or financially) and explain how the political and/or social climate of the time impacted the film. What was happening at the time it was made, and how did that contribute to the humor and the films success? Why did we find this funny? Whats the point of view presented by the film or filmmaker? How is cinematic language being used to convey the humor and theme of the film? Are there other noteworthy films of this style? Has this style or anything in the film become outdated, and if so, why?

Be thorough in your essay, citing specific examples. You must choose a film          that you are able to talk about for more than a paragraph. If you’re having trouble thinking of a film, I recommend starting with a genre or style of comedy you like, doing some research on the noteworthy films from that genre, studying what was going on at the time they were being made, and from there choosing the one you find most interesting. Feel free to contact me if you are really struggling (but do not do so at the last minute!)

Please do not exceed 1500 words if you can, as I have limited time to read 36 essays before final grades are due.

Essay on Successful Comedy Film (of your choice)


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