Exam 3 on Moral Reasoning

Started: Aug 2 at 4:03pm

Quiz Instructions

This exam covers the moral theories of Mill’s utilitarianism, Kant’s deontology, and Aristotle’s virtue ethics.  No other moral theories are permitted on this exam. The exam contains three moral dilemmas, each of which must be solved using a different moral theory.  Be sure to cite your sources.

Solve each of the following dilemmas using one of the following theories: Mill’s utilitarianism, Kant’s deontology, or Aristotle’s virtue ethics. Explain the different aspects of the theory you are using, and clearly show how that theory prescribes a certain action for the person involved in the dilemma. Be as thorough and complete as possible. Remember, this is not a test of your opinion; it is a test of correct application of moral theories. You must give a precise answer to the bolded questions at the end of each passage. Once you have used a moral theory, you cannot use it again.  By the end of the exam, you should have used all three theories once. For example, if you use utilitarianism to solve the first dilemma, you must use either deontology or virtue ethics to solve the second dilemma, and the remaining theory to solve the last dilemma. There is NO “correct” theory to use for a particular dilemma; that decision is entirely up to you.  You may find it easier to use a particular theory for a particular dilemma, and if so, do so.  You DO NOT need to explain why you have chosen to use that particular theory. Good luck!

Note: this is a timed quiz. You may check the remaining time you have at any point while taking the quiz by pressing the keyboard combination SHIFT, ALT, and T… Again: SHIFT, ALT, and T…

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An employer who is considering hiring Eva has asked Donna, Eva’s former supervisor, for a report on Eva. In truth, Eva’s work for Donna has been only average. However, Eva is Donna’s friend, and Donna knows that Eva probably will not get the job if she says anything negative about Eva, and Donna knows that Eva desperately needs the job. Further, Donna knows that if the situation were reversed, she would not want Eva to mention her deficiencies. Nevertheless, it has been Donna’s policy to reveal the deficiencies of employees when she has been asked for references by employers, and she knows that some of Eva’s faults may be bothersome to this particular employer. Finally, this employer has leveled with Donna in the past when Donna has asked for a report on people who have worked for him. Should Donna reveal deficiencies in Eva’s past performance? (Remember to use one of the three moral theories acceptable for this test to solve this dilemma. Any discussion of any personal opinion, religious perspective, or theory other than the moral theories acceptable for this test will result in a score of “0” for this question.)

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You are the last hope for a distant relative who urgently needs a bone-marrow donation.  The relative has sought out every other available way to get a bone-marrow donation, but no other option exists. You are the only known compatible person who is a match for a bone-marrow donation.  Without your donation, the relative will die within the month. You have met the relative at a couple of family reunions, but are not close to the person.  The relative seems nice enough, and is roughly the same age as you. There is a 20% chance you won’t survive the operation, but an 80% chance you will survive the operation.  The odds for your relative’s survival of the operation are unclear, but without the donation, there is a 100% chance the relative will die within 30 days.  Do you agree to the donation?(Remember to use one of the three moral theories acceptable for this test to solve this dilemma. Any discussion of any theory other than the moral theories acceptable for this test will result in a score of “0” for this question.)



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