Exam2a. 1.Give a brief description of Clement Greenberg’s critical idea of ‘formalism’?


2.Give the title, artist and date of this work.

3. Which Modern artist creates empty and lonely compositions, with a few sparse individuals in lonely and bleak city locations?


This painting represents one of the two distinct styles of Abstraction Expressionism called _______


7.Between 1935 and 1943, the New Deal supplied emergency funding to employ American artists through what agency?


8.In this week’s readings,





16.he writer and philosopher[removed] coined the term ‘New Negro’.
17.Select one artwork that reflects that downturn of the Great Depression. State the name, artist and date, and then give a two paragraph analysis of the work including a personal interpretation.
18. According to our text, what was the key difference in terms of the artists who were exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art versus the Museum of Modern Art?




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