FInal for history 1 of 3 page essay and two Q/A

FInal for history 1 of 3 page essay and two Q/A. HIST 1301

Final Exam Study Guide

Terms: There will be a total of seven (7) multiple choice questions drawn from this term bank. Each question will be worth one (1) point. Additionally there will be two (2) terms that you will be asked to define and explain how and why they are important to the general historical narrative. These terms will be worth two (2) points each.

The Common Wealth System The Missouri Compromise Sojourner Truth

The Industrial Revolution War of 1812 Oregon Trail

Waltham’s power looms Seneca Falls Conference Abolitionism

Compromise of 1877 Temperance Movement John Tyler

Gettysburg Address Popular Sovereignty The Force Bill

Fugitive Slave Act William Lloyd Garrison “King” Cotton

Andrew Jackson Frederick Douglass Dred Scott

Kansas-Nebraska Act Turner’s Rebellion Vicksburg

Indian Removal Act of 1830 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Fort Sumter

The American System Transcendentalism Reconstruction

Emancipation Proclamation Henry David Thoreau Manifest Destiny

Martin Van Buren Mississippi Black Codes Margaret Fuller

The Whig Party Missouri Compromise Cotton gin

54th Massachusetts Joseph Smith (Mormonism) Free Soil Party

The Panic of 1837 “Bleeding Kansas” Fourierism

Ordinance of Nullification Lewis Hayden Lowell (MA)

Radical Republicans The Texas Revolution political machine

Wilmot Proviso Compromise of 1850 Fort Sumter

Short Answer Questions: provide a 2-4 sentence response to the following questions. You MUST answer the Republican Party question. Choose ONE of the two questions that are numbered. There are a total of four (4) possible points for this section.

Answer the following question:

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Radical Republicans went into the South with the intentions of creating a truly egalitarian society. Were they successful? What were the successes and failures of Reconstruction? Please be as specific as possible.

Choose one of the following two questions

1) What was the main difference between John Quincy Adams’ American System and the economic approaches of Andrew Jackson?

2) How did Abraham Lincoln’s attitude surrounding slavery change over time? What was it before the outbreak of the Civil War and what had it become by 1863?

Essay: Provide a 1-3 page response (written) to the following question. Please note: you may bring an OUTLINE to class to assist you in writing this essay. But you MAY NOT bring a word-for-word essay response with you. It must be an outline only. There are a total of ten (10) possible points for this section.

We began our class talking about “America the exception.” In other words, America was an exception to the great civilizations of the past (ancient China, Rome, Egypt, etc.) in that American society was not ruled by a monarch or religious official but by the people. The years between the establishment of the Constitution and the Civil War posed a significant challenge to the concept of the “people’s rule” in America. Construct an argumentative essay that discusses the challenges that the expansion of the federal government, the Industrial Revolution, and, most importantly, chattel slavery posed to American freedom and democracy. Why were these issues so challenging and what did America do to “restore” power to the people?

It may be helpful to consider the following issues:

· The Northwest Ordinance

· Internal Slave Trade

· Industrialization/Lowell, Massachusetts

· Urbanization

· The Missouri Compromise

· Texas annexation

· The Compromise of 1850

· The Kansas-Nebraska Act

· The Dred Scott Decision

· Gettysburg Address

· Black Codes

· 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments

*** You are expected to treat this question with the same consideration you would any other essay. It should have a thesis. It should be properly organized. It should be written in complete sentences. I do not expect citations. I do expect that you appropriately engage course material.

FInal for history 1 of 3 page essay and two Q/A


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