>Geography homework help

Please respond to prompts below.
Credit for this assignment depends on your ability to:

  1. Include on-point statements that demonstrate clear connections with the textbook chapter content (Diversity Amid Globalization World Regions, Environment, Development 7TH EDITION)
  2. Include examples to illustrate/reinforce your statements
  3. Provide clear and unequivocal evidence of “thinking geographically” i.e. you need to explain
    how or why a geographer would focus attention on the matter/circumstances that you are
    responding to
  4. Provide a response that is clearly written (i.e. legible) top to bottom.

Europe is one of the “greenest” world regions, with strong environmental laws and regulations about recycling, energy efficiency, and pollution. Europe is also a leader in promoting solutions to the problems associated with global warming.
With low (or no) natural population growth, immigration into Europe from other world regions is both a
solution to Europe’s labor needs and also a troublesome social issue.


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