History MW Assignment 1

History MW Assignment 1.

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On your computer, create and save your answers to ALL THREE parts (Hakluyt Reading, Colonial Population Statistics, and Declaration of Independence, shown below) of Assignment 1 together in ONE Word document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf), not in a compressed (zipped) folder. Use a size 12 font and do not use bold type. Follow the sample assignment layout found in Syllabus Page 2: write the question first, skip a line, and then give your answer.


When you are ready to submit a group of unit assignments, follow these steps:

Save your document with a filename using your last name, first name initial, and assignment number without using underscore ( _ ), e.g. “Jones, E asn 1.” Click on the green Unit 1 Assignment linkThen, attach your file using the Browse My Computer button. Don’t type anything in the “Submission” or “Comments” boxes. Click “Submit” to turn in your assignment.

Your graded assignment will appear as a numerical score in the Grade Center. Click on your grade to access your graded document; open it to read my comments.

Unit 1, Assignment #1 of 3:  Hakluyt Reading

Settlement of North America increasingly interested influential people in England during the Tudor dynasty. Read the excerpts from “Discourse Concerning Western Planting” by clicking the Hakluyt link above, and answer the questions below.

1.  Identify in your own words the two points Hakluyt mentions most often regarding settlement. In addition, cite passages (not numbers) from the reading above (not the textbook) to support your answer.

2.  Why did Hakluyt emphasize these two particular points over others (be sure to consider at least one other point)?

3.  Who, specifically, was “Her Majesty” in number [1]? Who was “King Philip” in number [3]? What major event pitted the countries of these two monarchs against each other four years later, in 1588, and what was the result and consequence of that event?

4.  Do a bit of research on Walter Raleigh. Based on your research, why would Raleigh have requested that this Discourse be written?

Unit 1, Assignment #2 of 3:  Colonial Population Statistics

Study the table “Population of British Colonies in America, 1660, 1710, and 1760” by clicking the ColonialPopStats link above, and answer the questions below.

1.  Identify by name the six subregions into which the table is divided.

2.  Which one of the six subregions had the highest total population in 1660? Why was this — why had people gone there?

3.  What was the White-to-Black ratio in Virginia in 1660? In Massachusetts? What do you conclude regarding these ratios?

4.  Discuss various ways in which the population of Virginia changed between 1660 and 1710. Why do you think these changes occurred?

5.  Which three subregions had the highest total population in 1760? Compared to totals in 1660 and 1710, what do these numbers demonstrate about those subregions’ significance to the British empire?

Unit 1, Assignment #3 of 3:  Declaration of Independence

Summarize the main point of each of the four sections of the Declaration of Independence, a copy of which may be found in the back of the textbook in the appendix pages. Cite (quote) a passage to support your summary. The first lines of the sections are:

“When in the course . . .”

“He has refused . . .”

“In every stage . . .”

“We, therefore . . .”

History MW Assignment 1


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