Holt Types Test Essay

Holt Types Test Essay.

The purpose of this analysis is to give you practical experience in understanding the leadership qualities of someone you admire. Select someone you consider to be a leader, prepare interview questions, perform the interview, and evaluate. The Holt Types Test should be used in your interview and discussedin the paper. A suggestion would be to take the test for that person and reconcile against actual results. Cell phone conversations and E-mails are satisfactory.

Paper will be 10 pages minimum, double-spaced; please include Holt Excel Spreadsheet and interview questions.



There is no specific format.  The intent is to analyze leadership from these perspectives:

1.      Your perception of interviewee through Holt test

2.      Similarity to Holt test from interviewee

3.      Interviewee’s response to questions

4.      Relationship of your Holt test, interviewees Holt test, your overall observations

(My Holt test showed the highest rank has the Harmony type, while the Active type and Organizer types are the second and third respectively. It is worth mentioning the type with the lowest rank, which is Will Type.)


Interview questions -5

Analysis of answers to questions -10

Analysis of individual’s leadership


Major traits and attributes

Significant results and accomplishments

Use of Types Test – 5

Integration between student (taking for leader) and leader’s – How do they compare

Lessons learned from person -3

What major ideas did you gain from exercise and class -3

How did the class enhance your leadership style -2


What are your plans to integrate class material into your life -2

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Holt Types Test Essay


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