When designing your responses, please use APA style, and list a minimum of 5 reference sources (books, web pages, research articles). Short answers are not acceptable. Please use details, and be descriptive in designing your responses. At least a paragraph is expected for each question.

Using the material covered in chapters 1-6, and additional web references, please answer the following questions. 

What are the general physical activity guidelines for adults for both aerobic training and resistance training?

What are the dietary carbohydrate recommendations for the general population?

What are the dietary carbohydrate recommendations for athletes? How do these differ from the general population?

What factors influence how much fat is used during exercise?

Describe the cardiovascular benefits associated with fatty fish and fish oil supplements.

How would you begin to recommend protein intake for a sedentary, active, and extremely active individual? Explain the steps you would take.

List some of the signs and symptoms associated with vitamin C deficiency.

How does vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency affect athletes?


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