Both McDonald and Reinhart address the topic of David Lurie’s change over the course of Disgrace. However McDonald and Reinhart see the moral consequences of this change differently. As a class we will be addressing the same topic: Does David Lurie change in any redemptive way during the novel Disgrace. 

Describe the difference in McDonald’s and Reinhard’s perspectives and then develop your own position in relationship to these two perspectives. This is to say, in light of what McDonald and Reinhard have said about the change in Lurie’s character, how do YOU see Lurie at the novel’s conclusion and what will you contribute to the ongoing “Burkean dialogue”?

Questions to consider: Does McDonald see a change in David Lurie’s character over the course of Disgrace? How does he arrive at this conclusion? What is Reinhart’s response to McDonald’s argument? How would you frame their debate? After reading and considering both the book and the two essays, where would you position yourself? Please explain.

Things I’m looking for in this essay:

  1. Accurate (though short) summaries of both Reinhard and McDonald
  2. A strong main point concerning your own perspective
  3. The reason(s) why you’ve taken this point
  4. Support taken from McDonald, Reinhard, Disgrace, and your own experience
  5. Proper citing of that support in MLA format
  6. A ordering of ideas that I can follow
  7. Carefully constructed, edited sentences

Essay length: 4 to 6 pages

Format: MLA, double-spaced, typed

Due dates: Week 9, Day 1 Introduction and summary 

(of McDonald and Reinhard)/Outline of support.

Week 9, Day 2 Support & conclusion OR 2 & 2

Final draft due Friday 3/26

  • Essay—200      points
  • Workshop—50      points, 25 per day graded on completion only


A short review on essay structure:

  1. Does your      introduction …………………………………50 points

a. explain the topic and why it matters,

b. tell your main idea or thesis about the topic, and

c. explain the methodology you use to show, explain or prove your thesis

  1. Is your      support…………………………………50 points

a. detailed and well-ordered (easy to follow)?

b. Properly using citations and quotes from all three sources to give it authority?

c. Adequately developed to prove your point?

  1. Does your      conclusion…………………………50 points

a. remind your reader of your main point?

b. Summarize your support, and

c. Bring the essay home to the reader?

  1. Have you      revised and edited your essay, making use of your workshop?..50 points

a. Is it in proper MLA format WITH a Works Cited page.

b. Is it free from grammar and spelling errors?


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