Consider Weise’s  position that tryborgs are “pretenders” who will never be “real” cyborgs. Where does this argument hold up? Where does it break down? (It does both to varying degrees.) What complexities did you consider that Weise did not address?

Write 5-8 paragraphs (a paragraph is 3-10 sentences) discussing ALL of those questions. It may help to consider the following; access to cyborg and tryborg technology (think occupational safety, health insurance, sheer resources, laws/policy, etc.), privilege and ableism, feminist engagement with male-oriented technology, standards of performance/beauty analyzed by gender, the demands and expectations we place on our tech, early adoption of bleeding-edge tech, “technological appropriation,” the under-representation of female and disabled engineers (among other groups), disability vs. super-ability, or the boundary of human (perhaps superhuman) in cyborgs vs. tryborgs.


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