This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLiterature Review Study TwoItems of relevance:

a). Psychological Purpose: Your study two literature review paper will meet the psychological objectives for this section, including:
1). narrowing your paper from general information about your new study variables toward specific information towards the end (tells the sequel ro your study one story)
2). presenting the information clearly, educating your reader about your new area of research while referring back to study one materials (lit review, methods, results, and discussion). Keep in mind that your new variable might be in an area that is new to readers. Assume they need you to teach them the material.
4). you should have smooth transitions between paragraphs.
3). end your study two literature review with your specific hypotheses / predictions about study two (make sure to talk about both main effects and interactions)

b). APA Formatting Purpose: Your paper will meet the formatting objectives for this section, including:
1). proper APA formatting for title, header, and page numbers
2). You should have ten citations (minimum) with at least eight of them coming from primary (peer-reviewed) sources. Citations should match up with the references in your reference section. Citations are in proper APA format


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