Topic: Topic is Exploring the Management of Trust In Data Security In Cloud Computing

1) Please include your agreed upon the topic you submitted in week 1 – note if there have been any changes that you and your instructor have agreed upon

Ans: Topic is Exploring the Management Of Trust In Data Security In Cloud Computing

2) What theory, model, framework have you decided to use?

3) What method have you finalized, Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods, or are you building a project, e.g., a software application

3.1) If you are building a project, have to located a baseline evaluation method to measure your data

4) What Research Design have you decided on (if you know) e.g., Regression Analysis, Sum of Least Squares, Multi-Case Study, Delphi Method.

5) If you have chosen a survey, did you get permission to use that survey?

6) What population have you chosen (if you know), also if you are going to interview respondents at a company’s site, did you get permission from that company?

7) Is your Chapter 2 between 40 to 60 pages, and contains 50 to 75 scholarly references, the majority of which are within the last 3 years.

Ans: No, Using most of the references from the last 5 years (I.e. 2017)

8) If you are planning to interview people, have you taken the Qualitative elective offered, or have experience in interview people (you will have to show this)

9) Have you taken your CITI training yet, are you preparing too?


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