The purpose of this assignment is enable you to formulate into writing your perspective on the research topic that you chose at the beginning of this module. Refer to the Overview of the Argument Research Essay for specific details on the content of the essay.


  1. Develop an effective argument research essay (800 plus words) about the research topic that you have chosen.
  2. Format your paper according to MLA style (Links to an external site.).
  3. Create an interesting title that captures the interest of your reader and focuses your essay.
  4. Begin with a strong introduction that engages your reader and provides a clear thesis at the end of the introduction.
  5. Develop at least three support paragraphs about your perspective.
  6. Include refutation of another perspective in a separate paragraph or within your support paragraphs.
  7. Use evidence from at least FIVE sources to support your opinions and your refutation.
  8. End with a strong conclusion that restates your thesis in a different wording and sums up what the reader should take away from the essay.
  9. Use MLA formatted in-text citation for evidence from your sources.
  10. Add a MLA formatted Works Cited as a separate page at the end of the essay.
  11. Proofread your essay. Check for clear content and accurate sentence mechanics.
  12. Save your rough draft as a Word or Google doc and submit it as a file upload.;

In previous assignments, you have read, viewed, researched and discussed materials related to your chosen topic. Now you will develop an 800 plus word argument research essay on your topic. Your essay will include a clear thesis and well developed key ideas with topic sentences and supporting examples.  The essay will also follow the conventional organization of the three elements of introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: A good introduction needs to get your reader interested in your topic, provide relevant background information for that topic and, in a thesis statement, state the main points that support your claim (stance) about the topic. Your thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.

Body: Write a minimum of three support paragraphs. As this is an extended research essay, each main idea may need to be developed into more than one body paragraph. You must also include Counterargument and Refutation within the body of your essay. Your supporting paragraphs must have clear and relevant details, must be well-researched (with good, credible sources and accurate documentation), and must be well-presented and persuasive

Conclusion: A good conclusion needs to summarize the argument (reiterate the thesis and summarize the body of the essay) and to explain new understanding.


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