Prior to beginning this assignment, you are strongly encouraged to visit the My PLate website at http://www.choosemyplate.gov/index.html
to learn more about healthy eating for people of all ages. There are some wonderful resources for home and for the classroom you will want to check out and use.

We know that more and more fast-food restaurants are offering healthy options for children (e.g., apples instead of fries). But, is it enough? Using only food options available from fast-food restaurants, create a three day healthy menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a preschooler based on recommended guidelines from the My Plate website and the attachment provided from the site. Access nutritional information from various restaurants via the Internet, or use brochures from local restaurants. When you have completed your menu, write a short 1 page reflection discussing your thoughts about the quality and variety of fast food options available for children. 


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