Writing Assignment

Write a summary-response to “Rice for Thanksgiving” that displays a clear understanding of the reading and is divided into two parts. The first part is a focused summary paragraph that briefly describes the author’s main idea, supporting ideas, and the author’s purpose. The second part is a detailed response paragraph that relates your own personal experience and opinions to the reading using your thesis statement, your supporting ideas, and your purpose. Both paragraphs should have clear topic sentences, supporting sentences, and concluding sentences. The grading rubric below will help you develop your paper.


Your summary-response assignment will be graded using four separate categories for each paragraph: the Topic Sentence, the Supporting Ideas, the Concluding Sentence, and your overall use of Grammar and Punctuation for both paragraphs. Each of these four items will be rated as Proficient, Developing, or Needs Improvement.

Proficient means that you have met the standards of an effective summary-response. Developing means you have partially met the standards of a summary-response, but it needs some revision. Needs Improvement means you did not meet the standards of a summary- response.


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