Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Agriculture

Part – 1  (7 pages + References)

Detailed Introduction ( About 2 pages)

Select any 5 companies on the selected Topics ( Preferably companies where you can get Dataset easily for KPI)

Select any 15 KPI from the websites like https://kpilibrary.com/ or some other site related to the topic / Industry

Finalize 6 to 8 KPIs from the above list to collect Data Sets

Explanation of at least 2 KPIS. One of the KPIs data should be from below website and must explain about KPI – Fertilizers per Output   ( I have listed KPIs below- These need not be same except #6).


Part – 2  ( Detailed explanation on the selected 6 KPIs and Conclusion) –8  or 9 pages

Detailed analysis on each of the selected KPI from collected data for companies chosen above ( if no specific data on those selected companies then can write about industry) . – No need to mention research method etc.


Additional Information :

You can use the below KPIs.  These can change if you need to change them ( Except # 6).


  1. The yield per Acre
  2. Soil Optimization
  3. profitability per field/ department
  4. Wages to revenue
  5. Feed and water consumption
  6. Fertilizers per Output
  7. Chemicals per output
  8. Plants per Hectare
  9. Field Utilization Rate
  10. operating profit
  11. Waste Percentage
  12. People Efficiency
  13. Estimated Production Potential
  14. Sow mortality %
  15. Time to regenerate harvested areas
  16. Deforestation rate
  17. % of forest areas under protected status
  18. Area of forest cut over annually
  19. Achieved thinning versus prescribed


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