Project Scenario

Your manager is putting together teams for a CTF competition coming up in a few months with some of the largest companies. Centralia Technology wants its own teams to compete with the best in the country. 

As a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst Blue Teamer at Centralia Technology, you have been asked to submit a survey to your manager of an individual CTF activity.

The CTF activities are designed to create a collaborative team learning environment. Your manager wants everyone to participate in a simulated CTF event individually. Following that, you will be placed into a team so that you and your team members can combine your skill sets to analyze and solve challenges.

Section II: Strategies Employed

Explain how you approached two of the 10 CTF challenges you attempted and solved. For example, what techniques, tools, websites, or other resources did you use?

Section III: Lessons Learned 

· What are your strengths/How would your skills benefit a CTF team? 

· Which challenge banks did you find easy?

· What areas do you need more practice in? 

· Which challenge banks did you struggle with or avoid? 

· Were there challenges you attempted but did not complete or challenges that you did not attempt?

· How can you improve your skills in that area (strategies, tools, websites, etc.)?


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