Case Study Assignment

Conflict Management


(strictly follow instruction and format for each of Part)

Choose carefully ONE conflict situation for the Conflict Case Study that is broken into 4 parts. You will NOT be able to change the situation, so ONE conflict situation for all of 4 parts. These parts build on one another. Each part examines the same conflict situation, so it is important to think about what situation you want to use for this Case Study.

Your task is to develop a case study about a conflict situation; it can be interpersonal, work-based, familial, etc. It should be real (not hypothetical) and can be a situation you have handled in the past or are currently in (students over the years have indicated they enjoyed the process more when choosing a current issue because they could apply the information immediately).

NOTE: Do NOT include any proprietary or confidential information or names of people or your workplace if it could be harmful to you, others or the organization. Simply change the names of the individuals involved to protect their privacy and your own.

Conflict Situation Selection:

Choose your conflict situation wisely. This is a VERY important choice because you will continue to build on this throughout the term. I suggest you read through each part of the Case Study to determine an appropriate example. The final part of this case study (Part 3) will be posted on a discussion board. This means you need to choose an example that is appropriate to share in public, and particularly to this group of people (just in case it deals with a classmate and that person or their friend is in this class). So be careful of sharing too much information that would be inappropriate to share in class. You CANNOT change your topic, so choose ONE that is appropriate, a situation you are comfortable sharing, and that the other person/people in the conflict will be comfortable with you sharing. Case Study Breakdown It is very important that you follow the format very carefully. Your instructor will take points off for failing to follow the directions. Do each section separately.

The parts of the Case Study are:

Part 1: Describe the Situation

Roughly 2-3 pages in length

Part 2: Situational Analysis

Roughly 3-4 pages in length

Part 3: Taking Action

Roughly 2-4 pages in length

Part 4: Recommendations

This is a discussion board including a Primary Post.

Initial Post includes:

– Brief description of Conflict Situation

– Each of your goals in order of priority

– All of Part 3

NOTE: All page descriptions are approximate and are 12 pt. font, double-spaced.


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