In an APA format paper, describe three change theories. Make sure to at least:

A. Provide a brief background of the organization and identify the problem requiring change.

B. Search & find four scholarly journal articles that describe a plan for instituting organizational change.  Provide a brief evaluation of at least two different generic change models that might be used to address the change needed in your organization (An example of a scholarly change model is Kotter, J. P. (2005). Leading change. Leadership Excellence, 22(11), 5-6.  It is not required that you use this model.)

C. Provide a unique strategy for how the change effort would be implemented.  (The unique strategy is not intended to provide a solution to the problem, but detail how the change effort would implement the change.  This must be different from, but can be a combination of, the models described above.).

D. Describe how a manager would overcome resistance to change.

Please note that the assignment should be 5 pages in length (excluding title page and the reference page) following APA format 6th edition. Make sure to submit the assignment as a word document. Include references at the end of the assignment.


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