Points Possible: 25 points

Page Requirements: 2 pages (if header, factor that in to the length)

1” margins, double-spaced 

Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  With that said, since the page requirement is short, your intro and conclusion should not be longer than a few lines.  

For this assignment, you are analyzing a hybrid cultural space. Please take the usual COVID precautions when doing this. For example, you might need to look at outdoor spaces rather than indoor spaces.  

Your body should use these statements/questions:

1.  Describe the physical aspects of a hybrid cultural space in your community. This will include what the place looks like from the outside as well as some of the inside details. 

2.  Why did you pick this cultural space?  What does it mean to your community?  

3.  Name at least two ways intercultural negotiations are taking place within this hybrid cultural space.

4.  Who might not see this as a hybrid cultural space? Explain. Here you might consider the concepts of contested space or segregated space. 

You should use at least one of the readings to illustrate your points.  You should also try to use an example or two to provide more support.  

Citation note: No reference page required, unless you use information outside of the class text.  However, you must provide page numbers if you cite or discuss a portion of the readings


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