1. Define the following terms & answer the flowing questions: 
    1. Merger
    1. Acquisition
    1. Consolidation
    1. Tender Offer
    1. Economies of Scale
    1. Diseconomies of Scale
    1. Loss Aversion
    1. What is the difference between an acquisition and a merger?
    1. Name at least 8 types of Mergers.
    1. Give at least 5 reasons to acquire or merge with another company.
    1. Name at least 3 ways a corporation can finance an M&A.
    1. Cite at least 3 reasons an M&A can fail?
    1. If a company does not want to be taken over, what strategies can they implement to block it from occurring?
    1. Cite one major failed merger in the United States and explain in 30 words or less why it failed?
    1. Give one reason why a company would want to divest, spin-off, or otherwise break apart (a de-merger, in a sense)? 
    1. Compare and contrast “Internal” vs “External” Economies of Scale (in 60 words or less)? 


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