By Day 7 of Week 4

Compose a 5- to 6-page paper that includes the following three sections:

Analysis of State-level Implementation

  • Compare the state-level implementation of multi-tiered systems of support of the three states you selected. In your comparison, include the following:
    • Terms used to describe components of each state’s MTSS
    • Order of the components (i.e., Are they organized differently from one another? What might the other signify?)
  • Explain the degree of success you believe each state is achieving in implementing MTSS overall, based on the best practices explored in the Learning Resources and outside resources you investigated. What might be missing in each state? What is being implemented particularly well? Support your conclusions with specific reference to resources from each state and/or literature.

Matrix of Three States (Configuration Matrix)

  • Completion of the matrix of your state and the two neighboring states. Include your matrix as an appendix to the paper.

For this Assignment and all others in this course and throughout the program, you will be expected to use APA style (7th ed.). Use the Walden Writing Center as a resource for completing Assignments.


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